International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Titan Maritime has lifted the forward section of the Delta Conveyor a converted T-2 tanker that sank in the Mississippi River adjacent to Delta Bulk Terminal in Convent Louisiana.

The Titan crew cut the ship into two pieces using chain cutters. They then dredged a 140-foot by 70-foot by 20-foot-deep trench beside the tanker section using the SWU-3000 a Titan-designed and built 3000cfm airlift. The material was airlifted to an area adjacent to the wreck.

“We tried to dig the trench with the Weeks 547 (which they had chartered for the job) but did not have much success” said Dan Schwall of Titan. “However the W-547 an American Revolver M-30 crane on a 240- by 72- by 16.4-foot barge has served an important role working on this project since August serving as a dive platform and service crane. It was also used to assist in installing pullers and the running of all associated chain and other equipment” he said. The 547 is stationed at Weeks’ yard in Bourg Louisiana near Houma.

The 300’ x 90’ barge Marmac-300 was partially submerged with the bow of the barge placed in the trench and the wreck was pulled onto the inclined barge using Titan Linear Chain Pullers.

The lift was approximately 4000 tons believed to be the heaviest single salvage lift ever completed on the Mississippi River.

The aft section of the tanker will be lifted later this year.

Titan Maritime LLC is a Florida-based marine salvage company.