International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Ian Anderson has joined Cashman Dredging as part of the company’s dredging team.

Headquartered in Boston the company is a unit of Jay Cashman Inc. a civil and marine construction company with an annual turnover that has ranged from US$100 million to $250 million in recent years.

The company recently commissioned a new backhoe dredge “A. J. Fournier”. The dredge and two new 4000-cubic-yard split hull hopper barges have been added to Cashman’s existing fleet of dredges.

Cashman’s main market is the dredging and marine construction markets in North Central and South America.

Anderson is President and owner of Anderson Dredging & Consulting Ltd. and has varied international dredging contracting experience. He was formerly president of Stuyvesant Dredging Company a subsidiary of Boskalis Westminster Inc.

Cashman’s website is and Anderson’s is