International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

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BOOK REPORT: Degrees of Belief by Steven G. Vick
472 pages soft cover
Publication date 2002 by ASCE Press

The American Society of Civil Engineers announces Degrees of Belief: Subjective Probability and Engineering Judgment which gives a unique perspective on engineering. Three core elements: uncertainties in knowledge inductive reasoning and individual expertise are intertwined in this book to bring new meaning to engineering science and technology. The author Steven G. Vick also wrote Hydraulic Fill Structures. He is a geotechnical engineer who is an internationally recognized consultant from Bailey Colorado.

Degrees of Belief emphasizes the cognitive processes used in conceptualizing uncertainty with techniques and tools for subjective probability assessment. It lends substance to professional judgment by examining its diagnostic inductive and interpretive elements.

The cost is US$59 in the United States and $78.80 internationally.

Order from ASCE 1801 Alexander Bell drive Reston VA 20191. Contact Allison Stathos or 703-295-6266.