International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

On November 18 Maj. Gen Robert H. Griffin Corps of Engineers director of civil works signed a letter of implementation telling the Corps Districts that a certificate from the Dredging Contractors of America Dredging Safety Management Program (DSMP) must be accepted as the operating safety program on a government contract. Dredges without a DSMP certificate must submit an accident prevention plan and comply with the Corps of Engineers Safety Manual (Publication 385-11).

In the letter Maj. Gen. Robert H. Griffin directs Corps commanders to John Torgersen manager of the DSMP with any questions. Torgersen received 36 calls from Corps districts soon after the letter was issued some from people who had no information on the DSMP. He plans to hold a series of meetings around the country to acquaint the Districts with the program.

Also the DCA Safety Committee is planning to produce a 30-minute orientation video which can be individualized with company logos and introductions to acquaint newly-hired employees with the basic safety information needed for working on a dredge. This will be available to all DCA member companies and should help companies who don’t have the funds for an in-depth training program to initiate their employees said Torgersen.

As of January 15 Bean Stuyvesant and Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company had received safety certificates for their hopper dredges and Weeks was ready for the certification process with their hoppers. Great Lakes hopes to certify their hydraulic dredges in the second quarter of 2003 and the other member companies are making good progress toward participation in the program said Glenn Thomas co-chair of the DCA Safety committee.

Re-writing a dredge maintenance program is a very long and slow process said Thomas and he is encouraged that so many companies have these plans in progress. While Great Lakes has the resources to run an in-house training program for all employees most companies are not able to do this said Thomas. A more cost effective approach is to send employees to Coast Guard-approved training classes which are accepted as part of the DSMP certification.

The Joint Safety Committee comprising six Corps of Engineers and six industry members will hold its first quarterly meeting for 2003 on February 24 and at that time each company will report on the status of its program.

Letter of Implementation
Of the Dredging Safety
Management Program
CECW-OD 18 Nov 2002
MEMORANDUM FOR Commanders Major Subordinate Commands District Commands Field Operating Activities
SUBJECT: Implementation of the Dredging Safety Management Program

1. In September 1999 the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Dredging Contractors of America (DCA) entered into a partnership to improve safety in dredging and dredge related marine work. This effort culminated with the development of the Dredging Safety Management Program (DSMP) which I approved on June 27 01 along with being signatory to the DSMP charter on behalf of the Corps (Encl 1).

2. Over the last year our partners in the dredging industry have invested significant resources to meet the requirements of the DSMP and recently two contractors have been certified by third party auditors to comply with the DSMP. Now Corps participation is dependent upon implementation of the DSMP.

3. Effective immediately all solicitations involving dredging or dredge related marine work will include the contract clause to implement the DSMP. The contract clause is provided at Enclosure 2.

4. Communicating the Corps-wide implementation and requirements of the DSMP is critical. My staff in the Operations Division is available to provide this information. Also the DCA has offered the services of their Director of Safety Programs Mr. John Torgersen to be available for briefings.

5. This requirement was coordinated with HQ Safety and the Office of the Principal Assistant Responsible for Contracting. Please ensure the widest dissemination among your staff elements of the DSMP and the requirement for incorporation of the contract clause.

Robert H. Griffin
Major General United States Army
Director of Civil Works

(Handwritten post script)
While we do encourage participation in the DSMP those contractors choosing not to do so will continue to follow current procedures per the Corps Safety manual.