International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Stephen E. Sandherr chief executive officer of the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC) has made the following statement regarding the 2002 election held Tuesday November 5:

|!|AGC will work with the Bush Administration and the next congress to support a pro-growth and pro-jobs platform. In addition AGC will do everything we can to deliver a message that the best and most immediate way to grow the economy create jobs and improve the nation’s quality of life is to meet the critical infrastructure needs of the country. Funding highways water treatment facilities and other infrastructure needs are a tailor-made opportunity to invest in America.

“The construction industry has long supported house and senate candidates through political contributions. Yesterday’s election culminated the AGC’s effort to become more involved not only politically but financially. In this election cycle the AGC PAC collected $1 million expanded the number of candidates supported increased the average donation to each candidate and built a nationwide grassroots network of politically active contractors that care about the direction of the country.

“AGC Plans to expand the association’s outreach efforts for the next election cycle. However the organization will now turn to the issues facing the 108th Congress namely highway reauthorization economic growth homeland security tax relief infrastructure investment and creating jobs – not new government regulations.”

There are about 50 dredging contractors who belong to AGC which has a total membership of 35000. Dredging is in the “special contractor” category of which there are 12000 members. There are 7500 general contractors and 14000 service providers and suppliers in the organization.