International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Officials in Decatur Illinois have awarded Dredging Supply Company (DSC) a contract to provide a 16-inch cutterhead dredge and two booster units for use in Lake Decatur the city’s 3000-acre water reservoir.

The bidding specifications included 385 points that had to be accepted or the bidder must state why they could not comply. Dredging Supply Company accepted all 385 specifications.

|!|The bidding documents were the most comprehensive we have ever seen” said Robert Wetta project manager for DSC. “What they did was ensure a quality and robust dredge and booster units. They are very customized machines” he said. “This is what DSC enjoys doing. We like to go beyond a standard product design and accept the challenge to build equipment for specific jobs” he said.

Delivery is scheduled for March 2003 and the project is expected to begin as soon as the dredge is assembled and running.