International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

DACW27-02-C-0017 / DACW27-02-B-0009Waukegan Harbor Maintenance Dredging Waukegan Harbor Illinois. Awarded to Luedtke Engineering Company for $346100 line items 1 through 5 on July 24 2002 by the Louisville District Corps of Engineers.

DACW35-02-C-0021 / DACW35-02-B-0016. FY02 Maintenance Dredging at Rouge River Michigan. Awarded to MCM Marine Inc. for $593000 on July 29 2002 by the Detroit District Corps of Engineers.

DACW57-02-C-0025 / DACW57-02-B-0006. Coos Bay Channel Maintenance Dredging 2002. awarded to Dutra Dredging Company for $2554800 line item 0001 on August 2 2002 by the Portland District Corps of Engineers.

DACW07-02-C-0010 / DACW07-02-B-0010. Oakland Inner and Outer Harbors Maintenance Dredging Alameda and San Francisco California. Awarded to Dutra Dredging Company for $4420000 line item 1 on August 2 2002 by the San Francisco District Corps of Engineers.

DACW54-02-C-0015 / DACW54-02-B-0009. Maintenance Dredging Manteo (Shallowbag) Bay (Oregon Inlet) Dare County North Carolina. Awarded to Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Company for $6246510 on August 6 2002 by the Wilmington District Corps of Engineers.

DACW38-02-D-0004 / DACW38-02-R-0009. Architect Engineer Services for Hydrographic Surveying in Support of Vicksburg District’s Dredging Program. Awarded to DIMCO Inc. for $400000 line item 0001 on August 7 2002 by the Vicksburg District Corps of Engineers.

DACW17-02-C-0030 / DACW17-01-B-0013. Maintenance Dredging 34-Foot Project Upper Terminal Channel Jacksonville Harbor Florida. Awarded to Sea Tech Marine International for $1369569 line items 0001 through 0004 on August 13 2002 by the Jacksonville District Corps of Engineers.

DACW31-02-C-0043 / DACW31-02-B-0025. Maintenance Dredging Nanticoke Harbor Wicomico Maryland. Awarded to Cottrell Contracting Corporation for $490467 line items 0001 through 0003 on Auguest 14 2002 by the Baltimore District Corps of Engineers.

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