International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Kitty and I were privileged to get to know Dottie and Bill well beginning with the time Bill served as a PIANC (now International Navigation Association) manager and I was first the U.S. Section head then vice president of the international body. Bill and I usually attended international meetings in Brussels two or three times a year while he headed the Corps’ strong dredging office at Fort Belvoir.

Dottie and Kitty joined us most years during the 1980’s for the annual meeting somewhere around the world. Bill was widely regarded and known as |!|Mr. Dredging|!| — by the Russians Chinese all the Europeans (especially the Dutch Belgians and French) the Japanese and more. The four of us with the US Section members and their spouses teamed to represent |!|Uncle Sam|!|.

Dottie (and my wife Kitty) helped make this a very effective group. Bill’s strong personality deep technical knowledge and diplomatic mien were an excellent counterpoint to Dottie’s affable personality and ability to get beyond language barriers with her warm smile and expressive manner. EVERYONE of the PIANC regulars from three or four dozen nations knew the Murdens.

When Bill and I retired from the Corps in 1988 we went our separate ways business-wise but the four of us stayed in touch. Dottie and Bill continued to be closely connected to dredging matters through their firm Murden Marine Ltd. and through Bill’s continuing professional activities. When Bill died Dottie was never quite the same. They were a remarkable team. Dottie worked hard after Bill’s death to help salute his immense professional achievements. Yet it was the pair of them that was truly remarkable. Together they served both the engineering profession but especially the United States.

Signed: E.R.(Vald)Heiberg III Lt.Gen.USA(Ret.) 46th Army Chief of Engineers.