International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Beverly Fedorko governmental affairs director of the New York Shipping Association (NYSA) was on jury duty in New Jersey on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Her normal routine would have seen her at her desk on the 20th floor of 2 World Trade Center by 8:15 a.m. on Tuesday. All her co-workers escaped from the building with minutes to spare before it disappeared into a heap of rubble.

Fedorko is a member of the Western Dredging Association Environmental Affairs Commission and has worked vigorously on behalf of promoting a positive image of the dredging industry.

Today she issued this statement as one of her first tasks on returning to work:

New York Shipping Association Inc. (NYSA) and the International Longshoremen’s Association AFL-CIO (ILA) announce to the Nation that the Port of New York and New Jersey is in full operation as of Thursday September 13 2001.

Longshore workers will be ordered in to load and discharge vessels engaged in international trade and commerce. While the NYSA-ILA offices at the World Trade Center were destroyed contingency plans previously drawn went into effect. All records and files were in backed up at a data storage company at another location. The company will open offices in Jersey City New Jersey in the next few days.

NYSA-ILA are prepared to see to it that normal cargo handling operations will be fully restored and trade and commerce will continue to flow through the port.

None of the NYSA-ILA employees perished or were injured. They express their condolences to the families and friends of their fellow Americans who were not as fortunate.

The New York Shipping Association has 140 employees who all worked from offices on the 20th floor of 2 World Trade Center. The company handles all benefits and pay for 75 port employees and operators including 2800 ILA workers.