International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

IHC Holland announced on January 31 that they had received an order from Dredging Environmental & Marine Engineering N.V. (DEME) of Belgium for a trailing suction hopper dredge. The 13700 cubic meter 20000 dead weight ton dredge is a copy of the 1998 Lange Wapper delivered to the same company.

The vessel will be equipped with an advanced computer network that integrates the dredging and navigation processes (the fully-intelligent integrated bridge) and the IHC-developed Dynamic Positioning and Dynamic Tracking systems. Combined with the ability to dredge high concentrations of sand these systems increase the dredge’s efficiency.

DEME headquartered in Antwerp is the holding company of a group of international marine engineering specialists and contractors. Members of the group include dredging contractors Dredging International and Baggerwerken Decloedt en Zoon; Hydro Soil Services a port and marine specialist performing geotechnical investigations quay wall restoration underwater blasting and directional drilling; Tideway BV providing offshore services; DEC Environmental Contractors handling soil and silt decontamination; Ecoterres environmental specialist operating in the Walloon and Brussels regions of Belgium and Luxembourg; and Scaldis providing salvage and marine contracting services.

The DEME Group’s presence is in every continent with 40 subsidiaries and branch offices employing more than 3000 people.