International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Hydraulic Boat Company Inc. (HBCI) of Port Byron in Upstate New York has built and delivered two new model AM-2000 Universal Water Management Boats to the State of New York and to Robinson Lake New York.

The HBCI Hydro-Mate is designed to perform a multitude of lake and canal restoration tasks. Its forward-mounted hydraulic crane can deploy a variety of tools and attachments such as clamshells buckets grapples recovery winches pumps conveyor-type trash collecting and aquatic weed harvesting heads as well as oil skimming devices. The Hydro-Mate comes equipped with an onboard self-stacking and unloading system with a storage capacity of five tons.

The State of New York will use the vessel in lakes canals and rivers in the Hudson River Valley for shoreline cleanup dredging and weed harvesting. The vessel is complete with a tilt deck road transport trailer and conveyor that can deliver the load onto a truck. Other tasks the vessel can handle are pulling stumps removing rocks dredging and deploying docks buoys and other navigation aids said Henning Clasen president of Hydraulic Boat Company.

The Hydro-Mate in Robinson Lake will primarily be used for dredging.

The versatile on-water tool responds to the increasing demand for environmentally sound mechanical solutions for waterway restoration projects. The unit is outfitted with an air/oil-cooled diesel engine and a load-sensed hydraulic system with proportional remote controls for all functions. A high-speed transport shuttle barge is available for large projects.

It can be equipped with either dual paddle wheel or twin propeller propulsion systems. Depending on attachments deployed on the crane the heavy-duty work boat is 39 to 46 feet long with a 12-foot beam plus hydraulic stabilizers.

HBCI also designs and manufactures trash skimming boats aquatic weed harvesters crane boats barges and dredge support vessels.

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