International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

I have with great regret been forced to stop publication of Dredging Contract News after 17 years of putting it out every other week.

In the past year subscriptions to DCN have been dropping drastically and current subscribers are not renewing. At the time of the last issue we did not have enough subscribers to cover the out-of-pocket costs of copying and mailing the print version. This did not take into account my time approximatealy 20 hours per issue to research re-write and format the document and to fold address stamp and deliver them to the post office. Though the email version does not require any of that physical activity or expense it still requires the time to create the publication time that can best be spent on other projects such as getting International Dredging Review to the printer on time.

I will be sending you a check for the unused portion of your subscription and thank you for your loyalty to this little publication. It will be replaced by a Contract Awards page in International Dredging Review. The Dredging Contract News page on our website will continue to carry contract information free to all. However I have not decided on a format or content for this and so for the moment that page is |!|pending.|!|

I know that the reason for this drop in circulation is that people are easily able to get the information off the Internet and I am including instructions so you can find this information yourself. Feel free to call or email me if you run into any trouble getting the information you need. I will work with you until you are able to conduct an easy and successful search for contract information.


Commerce Business Daily: Scroll to “Simple search of the CBD” and type in dredg*. A list of all items containing dredge or dredging will appear. Open contracts and contract awards from every government agency will be listed including the Corps of Engineers the Navy the Coast Guard the Department of the Interior and others.

To find more specific information such as bid result abstracts make a bookmark on the Advertised Solicitations section of every Corps District. Go to the Corps Headquarters site at and then search for each district in turn. Once you get to the district click on Contracts or Business Opportunities until you get to the Advertised Solicitations page. Make your bookmark on this page. I found it helpful to have a “Corps Districts” folder that contains all the Corps sites in alphabetical order.

Another useful site is the Federal Business Opportunities where you can get results of contracts other than Corps of Engineers contracts. Note the solicitation numbers of the contracts you wish to view then go to the FedBizOps website at: There is a function to search by solicitation number and any information that has been posted will appear.