International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

The U.S. House of Representatives passed Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) S. 2796 on November 3. The President is expected to sign this legislation that authorizes deepening and modification of federal navigation projects in U.S. ports.

|!|Ports are very pleased that Congress has enacted this critical piece of legislation. Improved deeper navigation channels translates into greater employment and other economic benefits|!| said Kurt Nagle president of the American Association of Port Authorities. ‚ÄúRegular passage of WRDA legislation is integral to the nation’s competitiveness in international markets and we are pleased that Congress is back on schedule in approving legislation every other year|!| he said.

Major port projects in WRDA 2000 include deepening the ports of New York-New Jersey and Los Angeles and modification to projects in several other ports. A strong federal investment in the nation’s ports allows for increased international trade a strengthening of local and national economies an increase in higher paying jobs and an improved standard of living.

The amount of cargo moving through U.S. ports is expected to double in the next two decades. For this reason the nation must have modern infrastructure to support this growth in trade. As the link to the international marketplace ports and navigation channels must continue to be updated and modernized to remain competitive. Therefore it is vital that Congress and the Administration work closely with the port industry to meet the needs of this growing economy said Nagle.

Since WRDA ’86 the federal investment in improvements to the nation’s navigation infrastructure is matched by a local share that varies depending on the depth of the project. In addition to investments in navigation infrastructure ports have invested billions of dollars of additional local funding for landside terminal facilities. Ports depend on the federal government to deliver on its side of the partnership; regular predictable authorization for navigation improvements is a necessity.

The country’s future depends on the quality of our port infrastructure and our ability to deliver goods on time. Strong efficient ports are America’s gateway to prosperity and a better quality of life. Passage of WRDA 2000 will help to make this a reality said Nagle.