International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company has purchased heavy-duty pipeline floats from Future Pipe Industries to float about 1000 feet of 30-inch steel pipe in Charleston South Carolina. The order was confirmed last October.

Because the Charleston harbor project involves dredging extremely abrasive material Russ Zimmerman project manager decided to use steel pipe behind the 30-inch cutterhead dredge Alaska. The pipeline will consist of 40-foot steel pipe sections with ball joints at each end equipped with one Wavifloat MK2 per section.

The floats were shipped from Rotterdam to the United States in October and required 28 shipping containers. They will be installed in time for the hydraulic portion of the Charleston project to begin again this summer. That portion of the project was stopped for the winter and the hopper dredge Stuyvesant is continuing to work.

The specialized floats were designed to float large-diameter pipe in offshore conditions providing stability corrosion resistance and impact resistance. The tubular floats are threaded onto the pipe sections creating a profile that will not flip over in bad weather. The inert materials are corrosion-free and the bright orange cover with yellow stripes is highly visible. The cover was tested by repeatedly ramming a workboat into a test float which cased no damage.

Future Pipe Industries is located in Hardenberg the Netherlands.