International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

A new marine transportation brokerage firm will provide tug and barge service to the dredging industry on the U.S. East Coast. Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean Islands.

Marine Transportation Services was started in early October by Cindy Reavis of Rye New Hampshire. She is in touch with many of the tugboat companies serving the area and matches tugs and barges with jobs.

“Service is important” says Reavis. “Besides finding dependable equipment the operator and crew must meet the same reliable standards. Having good equipment is only half of the equation which is that the equipment is only as good as the crew” she said. She intends to focus on the dredging industry providing related equipment transportation and support services.

Reavis has spent much of her adult life on the water. She has worked in Key West at Singleton Seafood in marketing for a marine salvage firm and in the marina industry. Fourteen years ago she moved to New England where she has operated and an ad specialty company “always near the water” she says.

Her son has worked around the world in the maritime industry and is the owner of a tug and barge company. Working with him on job procurement gave her the idea of starting a brokerage service. Within two weeks of starting the company she had secured three contracts.