International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

Liquid Waste Technology (LWT) has been acquired by an affiliate of Ellicott International.

LWT is a leading designer and manufacturer of portable small dredges especially those equipped with remote controlled operation and automation capabilities. The equipment is especially effective in industrial wastewater treatment lagoons.

LWT will operate independently of Ellicott keeping all its management its manufacturing plant in Wisconsin and distinct product line. The companies will share production resources and exchange new technology across product lines. Ellicott’s Mud Cat™ Division makes one-truck transportable dredges filling a market niche for dredges with higher capacity outputs than called for by LWT’s customer base.

LWT is known for its automated and radio remote controlled dredges using Bottom Sense™ to protect pond bottoms and liners Solids Sense™ to maintain delivery of a constant solids density and other options such as Radio Remote Sense™ Auto Sense™ and Lateral Sense™.

Recent major contract deliveries include Kerr McGee who purchased an automated dredge with solids and flow control to feed cyclone separators; the City of Memphis Tennessee who purchased an automated dredge with Solids Sense and control to feed filter presses; and the City of Nashville Tennessee who purchased an automated dredge with Bottom Sense to protect the plastic liner of the pond.

Peter Bowe president of Ellicott will join LWT’s board of directors.

“Ellicott is thrilled to be associated with a company which has such a leading reputation for technical innovation and quality and whose activities are so uniquely complementary to ours” said Bowe. “We are convinced we will be able to add significant value to each other while retaining our independence and in the process improve the products and services we offer our customers” he said.