International Dredging Review

International Dredging Review

The Peterhead Bay Authority in northeast Scotland has reduced the time required for a hydrographic survey with their new global positioning and helm control system.

“Instead of needing at least three days to complete a survey and produce the result we can do it in one” said Captain Albert Flett chief executive officer. “We have rapid response whenever it is needed and a highly effective in-house service throughout the year” he said.

The Authority received a Del Norte 5012 mobile GPS receiver and associated 625 Helmsman Controller in September 1997. The units were supplied in a special housing that allows use on their 20-foot dory and can be taken ashore after surveys.

The 12-channel on-board system takes the best combination of visible satellites to calculate the vessel’s position. The receiver and PC are controlled by a single keyboard and provide flexible data logging and processing.

The system also helps gauge the speed and track of the tide providing navigational assistance to large ships passing thought the breakwaters at the bay entrance.

The internal microprocessor and resident software log position and sensor detail to the hard drive while providing the helmsman with full track guidance facilities including line printer and plotter. Software upgrades are installed via the floppy disc drive.

The system has been used in the remapping survey of the harbor and will be used for major dredging surveys and to monitor breakwaters for construction and other purposes.