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J.E. McAmis using the Megan Renee on Columbia River Deepening

The Megan Renee, commissioned in 2005, is a Komatsu PC3000 digging with a 10-cubic-yard bucket.

The Megan Renee, commissioned in 2005, is a Komatsu PC3000 digging with a 10-cubic-yard bucket.

Weather deck plan of the Megan-Renee.

Weather deck plan of the Megan-Renee.

J.E. McAmis is using the excavator Megan Renee on the Columbia River Channel Improvement, Consolidated Materials project.

The dredge is a barge-mounted Komatsu PC3000 with a 10 cubic yard bucket equipped with heavy duty Esco teeth. The project includes about a mile of channel adjacent to the Port of Vancouver, Washington.

The contract, which is a segment of the deepening of the 24-mile-long Columbia River deepening project, involves removing 1.2 million cubic yards of hard-packed rock and gravel, with in-river disposal 2 ½ miles downstream in a natural deep hole near Kelly Point.

Final depth of this portion will be -51 feet, down from the existing depth of -43 feet. The company began digging on July 10. Though the contract calls for completion by April 29, 2008, Project Superintendent John C. McAmis predicted that they would be finished by mid-February, based on the production they are achieving.

The project runs 24 hours a day, five days a week. The dredge fills one barge in just under three hours, and the round trip to the placement site is 1 ½ hours.
The dredge is digging about 9000 cubic yards per day, into two 1500-cubic-yard bottom dump scows, the Sand Island and Swan Island. The two boats on the job are the tug Norton Bay and the pusher tug Lowren M.

The dredge, commissioned in April 2005, is equipped with IHC’s XPM (excavator position monitor system) for real-time display of the excavator bucket and tracking of digging progress.

John C. McAmis began working in the family company as a teenager during summers and school holidays. He received a bachelor’s degree in Construction Management in 2003 from Chico State University in California, and has worked full time for J.E. McAmis since his graduation.

Three years ago, during a project in Florida, he used the yard of Prosperity Dredging Company for repairs. The president of Prosperity was Lisa Milling, who took over the company when her father Glen Milling died about five years ago. The company is now mainly a marine yard, doing little dredging.

John McAmis and Lisa Milling are now married, and have a five-month-old baby girl.

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