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Trimble Introduces High Accuracy GPS Product

Trimble announces a new series of Modular GPS receivers designed to provide contractors with state-of-the-art, future-ready Global Positioning Systems (GPS) positioning solutions. To cover a range of user price and performance requirements, the new product provides four levels of GPS operation: Location GPS, Basic, Max and Extreme.

The SPS550 offers location GPS only – which means an accuracy up to 10 centimeters.

The SPS550H is a heading add-on receiver that can be mounted on top of another receiver to provide the operator with reliable and accurate heading of a vessel or vehicle.
The SPS750 is available in Basic (limited to 2.4kms) and Max versions for centimeter level RTK GPS positioning.

The Extreme level receiver (Trimble® SPS850) can track GPS modernization signals (L2C and L5), plus the GLONASS constellation of satellites. The combination improves the users ability to work in tough GPS environments at longer ranges with faster initialization times, and provides increased productivity and reduced downtime on site.

Gary Chisholm, Trimble spokesperson from New Zealand, reports that the company’s DSM 232 GPS receiver is doing well in the marine construction industry. This includes pre-dredge surveying, dredging, piling, crane placement and dredging.

The DSM 232 is able to operate in a number of modes, Chisholm explains – mainly Location Mode (such as beacon signals or WAAS / EGNOS as well as OmniSTAR services). It can be upgraded to operate in Precision mode, which is RTK = centimeter/inch level.

“Contractors have bought the Location mode units, then as work tasks change and they need more precision, they upgrade. Accuracy is infectious,” said Chisholm.
“So far this year (as of October 1), we have sold more receivers into the marine market globally than we sold for the whole of last year,” he said.

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