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C&C Map Provides Water Depth In Flooded Area

C&C Technologies has developed a web site to help the evacuated population of New Orleans determine what the approximate water depth is at any location around the city. The water depths will be updated as NOAA, Digital Global and ground truthing statistics are made available. The map is found at - click on the map in the lower right corner of the home page, or go directly to - the intro page to the map site. If you encounter any problem with this service, email to:

May 9, 2017 07:55 am
 Posted by  JaimeBell

Flood maps are one of the most relevant tools that send alert at the time of rising water level and guides you with higher location to escape during floods. But still it is not worth enough to make risk assessment in proper manner. There are other factors too like type of land, diversion of water flow and runoff surface that contributes to flood coverage and elevation. You can take assistance from and get instant relief within minutes.

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