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September-October 2000

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IWTD Program Announced

IWTD Conference Program

Program of the Inland Water Tranport and Dredging Conference and Exhibition, held November 13 through 16 at the United Nations Conference Center, Bangkok, Thailand.

Coastalo Gets GSA Contract

In Memoriam: Joseph Michael Lavelle

Joseph M. Lavelle, 60, died on September 10 in Charleston, South Carolina. He was the president and founder of Marcol Dredging Company, which he began in 1974 with a Mud Cat dredge. Through the years he carved a niche for himself in the Southeast United States doing specialty dredging jobs with an eight-inch Mud Cat, the 12-inch Longbay and the 10-inch Butch Cassidy.

DSIWG Finalizing Safety Program

DSIWG Finalizing Safety Program

The new Dredging Safety Management Program (DSMP) will likely be in use by at least one dredging contractor by June 2001, if it is accepted by DCA members and the Corps of Engineers in January. The program is the dredging industrys response to inadequate safety standards, which has kept dredging years behind the rest of the maritime industry in the area of safety. Participating companies will be required to submit and maintain a safety program tailored to each dredge and project, hire a certified auditor to analyze their program every year, and provide training for every person who works on a dredging project, whether on or off the dredge itself.

DSIWG Finalizing Safety Program

Virtual Reference Station Announced

On September 20, 2000, Trimble announced the Virtual Reference Station (VRS,) which allows users to achieve long-range, real-time kinematic (RTK) precision via wireless communications in the field. The VRS enables centimeter-level positioning without the need to set up a local reference station.

Virtual Reference Station Announced

Ross Sounders on GSA List

Reson Opens Houston Office

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