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Fowler Receives Hammer Award

Walt Fowler, principal scientist at Starlink, received Al Gore’s Hammer award, the company announced in September. He was recognized for his involvement in the Nationwide

DGPS Program.

Starlink continues to help expand and improve the DGPS system, originally developed by the US Coast Guard. “We are happy to extend our engineering and scientific resources for the government’s efforts to expand the DGPS network. I’m especially happy to see Walt recognized for the talent and help he provides”, said Gary Reynolds, President of Starlink Incorporated, Austin, Texas.

Vice President Gore’s Hammer Award provides recognition to teams of federal employees and their partners whose work resulted in a government that works better and costs less. The award was given to the Department of Transportation, Coast Guard, the Maritime Differential GPS Service Team, and the Nationwide Differential GPS Team. Fowler is one of the partners in the Nationwide Differential GPS Team.

These teams expanded an existing navigation locating system by using a combination of new and old technologies and facilities. By combining navigation systems, they were able to provide increased capability, lower costs, improve quality, and develop new tools that support commercial industries. Example industries include farming, transportation, weather predicting, and surveying. Starlink’s website is:

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