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After a delay of seven years, the small city of Tower, Minnesota, is re-starting a $1.4 million dollar harbor dredging project.

Tower is situated on the east side of Pike Bay, part of Lake Vermilion, which itself is located to the west of Lake Superior and is surrounded by Lake Superior National Forest in the state’s northwest corner. Both the Pike River and the East Two River, which flows through Tower, feed into the bay.

On October 29, city officials announced plans to transform the harbor into a marina. Workers have already begun mapping the bottom of East Two River using sonar technology. Dredging was set to begin in the beginning of November to clear the way for boat travel between Lake Vermilion and Tower.

A Tower official told IDR that dredging will be handled by Marine Tech of Duluth. The project could be completed in five years. Town officials are also working to build a 36-unit hotel with a pool and meeting room.

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