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Water Resources Coalition Supports H.R. 6184

The Water Resources Coalition sent a letter the last week of October urging Congress to support H.R. 6184–a bill to amend a provision in the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 2000. The bill would to extend and modify Section 214 by allowing the Secretary of the Army to accept and expend funds contributed by non-federal entities to expedite the evaluation of permits. Without the legislation, Section 214 will expire on December 31st.

“While the Water Resources Coalition is in support of a permanent extension of Section 214, H.R. 6184 will extend the crucial expedited evaluation process of permit applications through 2016, just as WRDA 2010 would do if enacted,” the group’s newsletter stated.

“Section 214 has enabled local governments nationwide to move forward in a timely manner with vital infrastructure and ecosystem restoration projects that are essential for economic development and environmental protection. Without passage of a WRDA 2010, bill this important stipulation will sunset and slow down or halt vital projects.

“A WRDA 2010 bill, which includes a $6 billion bundle of 300 water project authorizations, has been introduced in the House and passed by the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. However, the Senate has yet to introduce their version. On November 17th, the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee is expected to hold a hearing on the legislation,” the report stated.

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