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Damen Delivers Customized DOP Pumps to Antwerp, Belgium

In September, Damen Dredging Equipment delivered two customized DOP submersible dredge pumps and ladders to SeReAnt for Belgium’s Antwerp Harbor tributyltin (TBT) clean-up project.

The AMORAS project in the Antwerp harbor is an enormous construction project including all phases required from removing in situ harbor sludge to final storage of dry filter blocks. One phase is the storage of silt, which is to consolidate to its near in-situ density.

This storage is done in four wedge-shaped settling tanks of 120,000 cubic meters each. Over these storage tanks runs a fixed 173-meter-long, 24 meter-high bay, to which two controllable trolleys are connected. Attached to each trolley is the Damen ladder with integrated DOP submersible dredge pump.

The standard 150 kW hydraulically driven dredge pump, type DOP2320, has an average production per hour of 1000 cubic meters. The working angle of the DOP pumps, which are identical and interchangeable, can be adjusted by means of a hydraulic cylinder. Depending on the amount of silt stored, it works at a maximum dredging depth of -6 meters.

The ladder-based DOP pump is fitted out with a hydraulically driven auger head to maximize the mixture concentration. The ladder integrates the DOP pumps discharge piping, plus its hydraulic piping and signal cables. The customer has chosen the DOP pump because of its compactness, and as it has proven itself to be a reliable part of the long production line.

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