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DSCs Corporate Culture is Evolving as the Company Expands its Global Presence

By Lara Lightsey

DSC Dredge LLC, continues to ship dredges to international customers, in an expansion that is an evolution of the company’s culture.

DSC Dredge LLC includes Dredging Supply Company, Inc., Best Equipment, M&S Equipment, Better Dredges, Inc., W&S Dredge Manufacturer, Reliable Gulf South LLC, Dredge Surplus, and Dragados Sud-America (DSA).

Over the summer, DSC delivered a Marlin class dredge and work boat to Azikel Dredging & Construction of Yenagoa, Nigeria, and spent several weeks testing and preparing the equipment for its rigorous work schedule.

This delivery makes the second DSC dredge to Nigeria this year, the other being an 18-inch Shark to another Nigerian company.

Azikel specializes in dredging for land reclamation, canal development, and sand mining. The company stockpiles sand and sells it to contractors who use the sand to make concrete for projects such as road construction. With their new Marlin dredge, the company will be able to dig to 76 feet deep (23 meters). The DSC Marlin is reported to be among the first dredges capable of digging to such depths throughout Nigeria and is one of the most technically-advanced dredges in the country. The Azikel dredge crew received operator training to familiarize themselves with all the new equipment’s sophisticated features.

Dr. Eruani A.G., CEO of Azikel, was a great host to DSC representatives Carl Agurcia and David Eshleman, who spent many weeks in Nigeria assembling and testing the dredge during its commission. The Azikel group honored the men by making them their own chieftaincy regalia–traditional attire that is only worn by great and successful people.
Agurcia has travelled to Nigeria before, and is becoming familiar with the country. However, in his most recent visit he felt for the first time he was able to see the country through the natives’ eyes. Because of his extended stay, Carl was assimilated into the local lifestyle, and the residents found him to be eager to learn about their culture and lifestyle.

W&S is scheduled to deliver its fifth dredge to India in late October. Among the five dredges are two eight-inch Badgers and three 10-inch Wolverines, which are being operated by a dredging contractor for canal and lake restoration projects funded by the Indian Government.
W&S manufactures the Badger and Wolverine Class dredges at their Greenbush, Michigan facility. These dredges are highly portable and can be transported in a single truck. Both models are equipped with simplistic controls and operating features.

The eight-inch Badger can dig to 20 feet (six meters) below the surface, while the 10-inch Wolverine can excavate up to 25 feet (7.6 meters) in their standard configurations. Both dredges feature five-blade cutters that are available with cast steel smooth blades, serrated edges, or replaceable teeth depending upon project conditions.

As DSC continues to expand throughout the world, the employees are exposed to many different cultures and traditions.

In September, Bob Wetta, president of DSC, was appointed to serve on the Louisiana District Export Council (LDEC) to assist other companies in exports.

Bob is fascinated by different cultures and wants to use his knowledge to help others expand globally. As an LDEC member, Bob will work with U.S. Commercial Services/New Orleans U.S. Export Assistance Center to serve as a mentor for new exporters, sharing his knowledge about export issues and international market development. Bob’s responsibility is to report his findings to the U.S. Department of Commerce and identify ways to increase exports.

Other global projects in the works by DSC include an automation upgrade on equipment in Panama, construction of two 24-inch Marlin dredges and a work boat for Bangladesh; a Moray class dredge for Congo; a pending bid award for a new dredge in Colombia; and the completion of a 20-inch Shark class dredge built on speculation for export. This Shark is available immediately and ready to ship.

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