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To The Editor_O'Connor

Thank you so much for sending us the IDR for July/August 2008 with the article on my father. (Dr. John Herbich, TAMU Professor Emeritus, Dies at Age 85, July/August 2008 page 28.) I am so glad you found such a wonderful headshot. It really made me smile! He would really be impressed that he made the front page. He was an extraordinary man and father. And thank you for sending extra copies that I can forward to my family members.

Patricia Herbich O’Connor

Rocklin, California

Editor’s note: Back in the early days of IDR I often didn’t have much cash when I went out of town, and didn’t have a credit card for a number of years. At one Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, I ran out of money about 24 hours before the conference ended. I was starting to get pretty hungry when I ran into John Herbich, who was presenting a paper there. He graciously bought me lunch when I described my plight, and I have always remembered and been grateful to him for that. John was a good friend and will be sorely missed in the industry.

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