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Clearwater Introduces Portable Clarifier

Clearwater Industries’ new portable Model 2000 water clarifier can be set up in three hours. It has a 2000-gallon-per-minute capacity, at 20-percent solids by volume.

Clearwater Industries’ new portable Model 2000 water clarifier can be set up in three hours. It has a 2000-gallon-per-minute capacity, at 20-percent solids by volume.

Designed for aggregate producers, dredging operations, or municipal treatment facilities that require portability, the new Clearwater Model 2000 Portable Water Clarifier allows operators to take a dirty water stream, and produce clean water immediately, concentrating the fines or solids to a thick state.

Via this streamlined ability to recycle and re-use valuable water resources, producers can eliminate the need for clean water ponds or setting ponds, avoid trucking in large volumes of water, and operate at sites where there is little-to-no water, or no place for a settling pond.

Featuring a very tight closed-circuit operation, the Clearwater Model 2000 Portable Water Clarifier is a totally self-contained unit that delivers up to a 2000 gallon-per-minute capacity, at 20-percent solids by volume. The system is complete with an automated dry polymer feed system, hydraulic package, control panels, a 40 hp drive, and a hydraulically-driven solids discharge pump that will move solids up to 800 feet. Ideal for highly mobile operations, the unit typically requires no more than three hours for setup, with features such as a fold-up catwalk and handrails that speed the process.

Clearwater Industries provides turnkey systems, site and water analysis, chemical selection and custom-designed equipment to clarify dirty water coming from industrial applications in the dredging, aggregate, coal, paper, sewage and refinery industries.

Clearwater Industries is headquartered in Menominee Falls, Wisconsin, and designs and builds equipment for separating suspended solids in water by way of flocculation. The company has both standard and custom designs.

The polymer systems they provide range in size from the Model 50, which is a dry polymer screw feeder and wetting funnel, to large, “Super Sack” systems with 3000-gallon tanks. The systems range from semi-automatic to fully automatic, often being integrated with DCS systems or other owner-supplied software systems.

The polymer systems are designed to make down dry polymers, emulsion polymers, or both. Clearwater Industries systems have been installed in dredging operations, sand and gravel operations, paper mills, municipal sewage plants, oil refineries, and coal plants.

Clearwater’s water clarifiers are both stationary and portable. The stationary clarifiers are taller than normal, which produces a drier underflow.

For fines recovery, Clearwater Industries designs and manufactures systems using sumps, cyclones, separators, and dewatering screens to recover coarse particles from dirty water prior to flocculation. These systems are available in both stationary and portable designs.

Clearwater Industries custom builds pump skids for neat polymers and made down polymers to pump to process. These systems use either piston pumps or progressive cavity pumps. The motors are either AC or DC with controllers. Each unit is designed to the specifications of the customer.

Other assemblies are stand-alone dry volumetric screw feeders, static mixers, and propeller mixers for customers retrofitting older systems.

Automation services available are both optical and coriolis sensors interfaced to polymer feed systems to deliver accurate and variable dosage control to clarifiers.

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