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November-December 1999

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1999, 2000 National Dredging Meetings

The Corps of Engineers National Dredging Meeting is planned for mid-May, 2000 in Springfield, Virginia. This annual meeting provides a forum for dredging contractors to speak directly to Corps officials. This article reports on the 1999 meeting, which covered such topics as safety, the New York Harbor deepening program, environmental research and hydrographic surveying.

Austin Joins LWT

Robert (Bob) Austin, joined Liquid Waste Technology, Somerset, Wisconsin, as general manager. Austin is a veteran in small dredgeg and weed harvester manufature and sales.

Contractors Qualify for Buenos Aires

Seven international consortia have pre-qualified for a dredging project to create 60 hectares (148 acres) of land to expand the Port of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Millennium Port Considered

The State of Louisiana and the Port of New Orleans is reviewing options for building a container port closer to the mouth of the Mississippi River. The Port of New Orleans does not have the capacity to handle the expected increase in container traffic in future years. The new port has been dubbed the Millennium Port.

Anderson Company Announced

Ian Anderson, member of a multi-generational dredging family, has formed Anderson Dredging & Consulting, Ltd, to to serve the marine infrastructure developers, port authorities, and oil, gas and mineral exploration companies.

Dredging Live Ammo in Finland

When the hopper dredge Nautilus encountered live ammunition in Finland's port of Kokkola in 1997, it sparked an investigation that discovered 12,000 tons of ammunition in the area. The dredging operation had to be redesigned to operate a dredge by remote control and to operate the hopper barge by remote control also. It took a cooperation between the Finnish Defense Department and contractor Terramare Oy, a Boskalis company.

Rio San Juan Channel Approved

On Wednesday, November 10, the National Assembly of Nicaragua approved the "Law that Rehabilitates the Colmmercial Navigation in the River San Juan. This will restore barge traffic from Lake Nicaragua to the Caribbean Sea.

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