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SBG Systems Unveils MRU and INS

SBG Systems MRU Ekinox-M.

SBG Systems MRU Ekinox-M.

SBG Systems unveiled the Ekinox Subsea Series, a product family of survey-grade inertial systems designed for underwater applications, up to 6,000 meters (about 19,700 feet). The series include the Ekinox-M, a MRU (motion reference unit) and the Ekinox-U, an underwater INS (inertial navigation system).

The Ekinox Subsea Series integrates MEMS sensors and outputs survey-grade roll, pitch and heading (0.05 degrees) at a high update rate. To obtain the most accurate and reliable navigation data, the internal Extended Kalman Filter fuses in real-time inertial and aiding information (DVL, RTK, GPS). All collected data are recorded in the eight GB data logger.

The accurate real-time heave can be delivered up to four different locations. The delayed heave feature allows surveying in every sea environment. With this computation, heave accuracy is increased to 2.5 cm (about .98 inches), while period swells can reach 50 seconds. The heave period is automatically computed and constantly adjusted. Ekinox-M can perform hydrographic and offshore operations in all sea conditions by joining accurate motion measurement with delayed heave.

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