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EIVA Launches ROTV Solution

EIVA ROTV ScanFish Katria.

EIVA ROTV ScanFish Katria.

EIVA designed its new wide-sweep ROTV (remotely operated towed vehicle) ScanFish Katria, for detecting sub-bottom magnetic anomalies. The platform allows for time-efficient magnetometer surveys, as it covers larger survey areas in one sweep through a horizontal setup of four magnetometers. By means of the terrain-following operation mode, the magnetometers are positions as close to the seabed as the topography allows.

The magnetometer type included in the ScanFish Katria is the Geometrics G-882 Marine Magnetometer. As the ScanFish Katria is towed at a distance, any type of vessel can be used without risking the survey data being affected by its magnetic signature.

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