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Boskalis Acquires Fairmont

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. has reached an agreement to acquire Fairmont Marine B.V. and Fairmont Ocean Towage Company B.V. from the French group Louis Dreyfus Armateaurs.

Fairmount provides long distance ocean towage services, operating five 205-ton bollard pull towing vessels with anchor handling capabilities. The addition of these ocean-going anchor handling tugs (AHTs) allows Boskalis to expand in both the offshore energy and salvage industries. Boskalis said the use of ocean-going tugs for long distance wet towage complements its dry heavy marine transport offering. With the Fairmount assets, Boskalis can offer clients the full spectrum of heavy marine transport solutions tailored for the type of cargo or specific requirements. The AHTs also have potential offshore deployment projects and can be used in salvage projects.

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