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VeruTEK Submits 'Green' Dispersant for Oil Spill Approval

VeruTEK Technologies, Inc. of Bloomfield, Connecticut has submitted its VeruSOL Marine product family to the National Contingency Plan use in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

VeruSOL Marine is an environmentally-friendly dispersant derived from plant materials. It contains no solvents, alcohols or ethers. Recently-released aquatic toxicology results have proven the product’s safety. VeruSOL Marine treated areas are not harmful to workers or the local population.

It is a fast-acting plant-based solution that is a biofriendly, biodegradable surfactant/oxidizer that cleans water, rock, sand, soil and building materials impacted by spilled oil. It associates directly with oil upon contact to emulsify then to facilitate destruction of oil, restoring a clean environment, not simply moving or absorbing the problem. Oil is emulsified into particles that are destroyed quickly by natural forces - the sun and bacteria.

Independent lab results verified that VeruSOL Marine exceeds EPA National Contingency Plan (NCP) toxicology safety requirements. Testing documented very low toxicity levels, making the solution both safer and more effective than products currently used in the Gulf.

One of the VeruTEK dispersants, VeruSOL Marine 300, was shown to be more than 30 times safer (791.2mg/L vs 25.2mg/L) than either of the two COREXIT dispersants in toxicity when tested with fish (Mendida berylilina). When tested with shrimp, VeruSOL Marine 300 was more than 10 times safer (444.2 mg/L vs 32.23 mg/L). The VeruSOL dispersants are safe for plants, wetlands, mammals and people.

VeruSOLVE Marine works via a patent pending process called Surfactant-Enhanced Chemical Oxidation, which destroys oil on contact. It is delivered ready to use, and can be applied using standard spray equipment, which is ideal for treating access-limited areas and wetlands. The company has strategic partners in the Gulf, ready to deploy the product.
"We believe VeruSOL and VeruSOLVE products can make a significant contribution in safely cleaning beaches and marshes in the Gulf," said John Collins, chief executive officer of VeruTEK.

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