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W&S Introduces Rugged Small Dredge

W&S Dredge Manufacturer, in Greenbush, Michigan, has been in business for 35 years, designing and manufacturing small dredges. The company has built several dredges for small projects, such as one eighth of an acre or larger ponds, but these units ended up too heavy, too bulky, and too time consuming and costly to move in and out of the job site locations. The company has solved all these problems with a new dredge Model D-16-2.

“There are three or more characteristics that helped achieve our goal,” said Tom Stojsik, company president. “First, W&S and Pekor Pumps, Inc. have developed a completely new lightweight heavy-duty six-inch dredge pump. This Ni-Hard pump is designed much like the larger sand and gravel pumps with a head capability of 250 feet. The main reason W&S choose Pekor Pumps, Inc. is due to our experience over the last 25 years in receiving excellent product quality and service. Second, a lightweight dredge pump was needed to achieve the quality and performance as in our larger dredge models. This has been accomplished. Third, we achieved dredge mobility with the specially designed undercarriage and axle assembly, which provides a roll-in, roll-out system,” he said.

The dredge is perfect for golf courses, shrimp farms, small marinas, small sand slurry operations, fishponds, small clean up projects, and much more, said Stojsik.

The new dredge model weighs less than 20,000 pounds, and is equipped with a powerful little cutterhead.

“We have referred to the word ‘little’, as this dredge has been downscaled from our larger dredging units in order to handle smaller jobs,” said Stosjik. “During our testing period of this unit, we deliberately placed the dredge in severe conditions to find its weaknesses. The testing site was a sand and gravel pit containing large stones. Keep in mind this dredging unit has no business being placed in this type of dredging condition, as its size does not allow for the passage of large stones. The dredge has been manufactured only for sand and small stones. However, the performance during the testing phase in this particular situation went far beyond our expectations,” he said.

Other unique and special features are the removable engine house cover and control cabin. The control cabin has been well insulated for noise reduction. This model is also equipped with lightweight aluminum side tanks, which can be easily handled by one man. There are 10 side tanks and two main hull (full length) foam filled compartments. Three additional compartments have been placed under the engine, pump and control house, for a total of 15 individual compartments.

Package prices for the Model D-16-2 vary between $127,000.00 and $158,000.00.

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