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China Offshore Buys Multibeam

China Offshore Oil Geophysical Corp. (Tianjin, P.R.C.) has contracted with Triton Elics International for a fully integrated TEI Hydro Suite Multibeam Survey System. Hydro Suite collects high resolution bathymetry with a 120 degree swath to a depth of 300 meters. China Offshore will use the Hydro Suite system to support oilfield engineering and oil exploration.

TEI Hydro Suite consists of TEI Isis Bathy bathymetry acquisition software, TEI Bathy Pro㤠bathymetry processing, TEI Bathy Pro RT real time DTM builder, and the TEI Delph Map GIS and interpretation software packages. The acquisition and processing is implemented on TEI's ruggedized workstation. The system also includes TEI's new navigation software Delph Nav.

Triton Elics systems are single- and multi-sensor data acquisition for offshore surveys with multibeam sonars, sidescans sonars, sub-bottom profilers and shallow-seismic systems, magnetometers, and gravity meters. TEI also develops advanced data processing tools for each data type.

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