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July/August 2017 - Contracts

OOff-Road Diesel - 60K Gal. To Cyril J. Pehler, LLC for $103,740, on May 24, 2017 by St. Paul Engineer District. W912ES-17-T-0085/ W912ES-17-P-0077.

Mechanical Remediation Dredging in the Lower Harbor. To Cashman Dredging and Ma­rine Contracting, Co. for $15,095,983 on May 24, 2017, by New England Engineer District. W912WJ-17-R-0003/ W912WJ-17-C-0009.

Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, Texas Main Channel Across San Antonio Bay in Calhoun and Aransas Counties, Texas, Pipeline Dredg­ing. To RLB Contracting Inc., for $5,367,500 on June 2, 2017 by Fort Worth Engineering District. W9126G-17-B-0011/W9126G-17-C-0043.

Hydrographic Surveying Systems. To ROSS LABS, LLC for $1,253,760, line item 1, on June 7, 2017 by Rock Island Engineer District. W912EK-17-R-0008/W912EK17C0052.

Spuds for USACE Dredge. To BENMAR Fab­rication LLC for $98,640, on June 12, 2017 by St. Paul Engineer District. W912ES-17-T-0080/ W912ES-17-P-0082.

Maintenance Dredging of Base Alameda and Station Golden Gate. To The Dutra Group for $2,770,900 on June 14, 2017 by USCG Civil Engi­neering Unit Oakland. HSCG88-17-B-PQQ104/ HSCG88-17-B-PQQ104.

Texas City Ship Channel, Tx, Main Chan­nel and Turning Basin in Galveston County, Tx, Pipeline Dredging. To Crosby Dredging, LLC for $4,669,073, line items 1-10, on June 28, 2017 by Fort Worth Engineer Distrtict. W9126G-17-B-0001/W9126G17C0049.

GPS Positioning Service Subscription. To North American Western Data Systems, Inc. for $36,297, line item 1, on June 29, 2017 by Rock Island Engineer District. W912EK-17-T-0053/ W912EK17P0110.

Mississippi River, New Orleans Har­bor Cutterhead Dredge Rental Contracts No 1-2017, (OM-17-030). To Mike Hooks, LLC for $1,459,000, line items I, 2, 4, on June 29, 2017 by New Orleans Engineer District. W912P8-17-B-0010/ W192P817C0031.

60,000 Gallons of Off Road Diesel. To Wil­son Oil Company for $96,600 on July 3, 2017 by St. Paul Engineer District. W912ES17T0100/ W912ES17P0088

2 4-stroke Outboard Engines. To Brunswick Corporation for $14,132.12 on July 5, 2017 by St. Paul Engineer District. W912ES-17-T-0094/ W912ES-17-P-0089.

Yankee Fork Dredge Anodes. To Tesla En­ergy Solutions Inc. for $21,294, on July 6, 2017 by Bureau

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