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Furno FE800 echo sounder.

Furno FE800 echo sounder.

Furuno has introduced a brand-new IMO echo sounder. The FE800 offers an 8.4-inch color LCD display with built-in dual-frequency capability. It also features a new system design that provides immediate retrofit capability of older Furuno units, as well as easy installation on new build vessels.

The new color display has full and splitscreen options, and with traditional singlefrequency bottom presentation on the wide screen, there is room for two completely independent sounder presentations.

This version is more flexible and easier to interface with other electronics. It offers three NMEA ports with easy to affix WAGO connectors. Also, an IEC61162-450 Ethernet port is available, making it simple to connect the FE800 to Furuno’s new VDR and a variety of other networked Furuno equipment.

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