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CodaOctopus Releases New Version

Screenshot from CodaOctopus version 6 release.

Screenshot from CodaOctopus version 6 release.

CodaOctopus will be launching a new release (version 6) of the visualization and processing software suite for the Echoscope range of real-time 3D sonars.

The new version has a next generation platform with the latest hardware tools and features, including Patch Test, which provides a means of calibrating Echoscope installations to provide repeatable data for survey and mapping applications; support for the CodaOctopus IPT range of Pan and Tilt systems and for the new Time-Lock Power Supply Units, providing millisecondaccurate time-stamping on sonar data; the new fixed views feature allowing the operator to quickly switch between fixed views such as plan view and elevations; and enhanced coordinate reference system and enhanced user interface.

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