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Blasting Technology Works in Hawaii

Sandvik DP1500i.

Sandvik DP1500i.

Blasting Technology, Inc. is at work on each of the major Hawaiian islands with a fleet of seven Sandvik construction surface top hammer drill rigs, tapping into the land’s solidified lava.

For eons, volcanoes have erupted from the floor of the Pacific Ocean and formed the Hawaiian islands. Blasting Technology is quarrying rock with a new generation of drill rigs, the Sandvik DP1500i, which uses about five gallons less fuel an hour, than its predecessor, the DP1500 model.

Sandvik engineers said lower fuel usage creates less pollution with 35 tons less carbon dioxide at 2,500 engine hours. The drill rig also boasts a patented dust-binding system that contains the worst of the airborne refuse thrown up by a penetrating drill bit.

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