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Weir Minerals Introduces Improved Knife Gate Valve

Weir Minerals Introduces Improved Knife Gate Valve

Weir Minerals of Madison, Wisconsin has introduced the Isogate® WS Series knife gate valves and valve sleeves.The sleeves incorporate Linatex® wear resistant lining, which is used in abrasive and corrosive environments.

The valves feature a fully interchangeable, one-piece design with integral load distribution rings, eliminating the need for multiple pieces and fasteners and making sleeve replacement much easier. Combined with improved sleeve geometry for increased surface contact, friction reduction, and enhanced sealing during valve opening and closing cycles, the WS Series sleeves contribute to an expected low total cost of ownership for customers.

Other features of the WS Series valves are: a unibody design and rugged heavy-duty construction; complete bubble-tight bi-directional shut-off with no downstream leakage; wear parts that are easily field replaceable; full port design to reduce pressure drop and downstream turbulence; no seat cavity for solids to accumulate and prevent full gate closure; and a universal top plate which can be field adapted to accept any offered actuator.

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