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DREDGING Highlights from the Past

30 years ago

Hopper Dredge Yaquina Goes to Work

The Corps of Engineers’ hopper dredge Yaquina was placed into service on the West Coast of the U.S. The 850-cubic-yard dredge was designed by the Corps, built by Norfolk Shipping And Drydock Corporation at a cost of $23 million, and was designed with a 13-foot draft for maintaining coastal entrance bars and harbors. A formal public commissioning of the dredge was held on June 12, 1981 at Newport, Oregon, sponsored by the Portland District and port and navigation advocacy groups.

20 years ago

Ouachita Maintains River Crossings

In the summer of 1991, the Corps of Engineers departed from its usual practice of using dustpan dredges to maintain Mississippi River crossings between Baton Rouge and New Orleans when they awarded a crossings maintenance contract to Gulf Coast Trailing Company (GCT), who used their 4000-cubic-yard hopper dredge Ouachita on the contract. GCT General Manager L.A. “Skip” Hubert said that dredging at the Belmont and Smoke Bend crossings was completed in August.

10 years ago

Graham Addie Gets Best Paper Award at WEDA 21

Graham Addie, vice president of Engineering at GIW Industries, received the best paper award at WEDA 21 in Houston. Addie’s paper was on Dredge Pump Testing Considerations, concentrating on reducing expenses by operating the dredge pump at optimum efficiency.

Brennan and Phoenix Market a Dredging and Dewatering System

J.F. Brennan Co., Inc and Phoenix Process Equipment Co. formed a marketing alliance to promote an Integrated Dredging and Dewatering system. They held a demonstration of the system at a project in Clinton, Iowa in July, 2001, showing how the system continuously converts dredged sediment from slurry into a stackable, de-watered cake.

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