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Ellicott Introduces Dredge for Coastal Work

Ellicott Dredges has introduced a new model of dredges designed for coastal applications.

The Coastal Dragon™ features increased freeboard to allow work in rough water. A wider hull increases flotation, and tilting spuds create a low center of gravity for safe towing. The low vertical clearance provided by the tilting spud feature also allows the dredge to enter harbors where bridges or other structures limit clearance, giving the operator a broad choice of harbors during emergency conditions.

The State of New York has taken delivery of a Coastal Dragon, and another one is under construction for the Hillsboro Inlet District in Lighthouse Point, Florida, reports Paul Quinn, director of sales.

“That one represents an application for which the Coastal Dragon is perfectly suited,” said Quinn. “The dredge must work in an offshore channel for a very busy inlet on the Atlantic side of southern Florida.

“Three factors contribute to the treacherous conditions of this assignment: large waves and swells from the Atlantic Ocean; very strong currents in the channel; and considerable chop from the near-constant boat and yacht traffic in the narrow channel.

“Due to the constant threat of shoaling, the channel requires constant maintenance, and the H.I.D. Commissioners chose a Coastal Dragon for this reason,” he said.

Because of the heavy pleasure boat traffic, an elevated operators cab was designed into this dredge, giving the operator greater visibility than possible in a lower cab.

Coastal Dragons are available in sizes from 14 inch through 20 inch.

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