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2003 CEDA Dredging Day Program Announced

20-21 November
"Specialist dredging techniques,Inspiring dredging solutions"

Dredging activities cover a wide range of applications in various fields providing for continuing economic development and the improvement of aquatic ecosystems. Some of those activities are unfamiliar even to the well-seasoned dredging professional, for example the use of dredgers in the cockle and scallop fishing industry. The basic principles of the techniques and technologies have many similarities, however, there can be intriguing differences as far as the details and applications are concerned. These details could be the key to optimum erformance for that particular application.

The variety of dredging functions combined with the diversity of the natural environments (both physical and regulatory) continuously provides the profession with new challenges regarding the dredging plant, the dredging process and the ancillary equipment. These challenges are accompanied by the need for high quality, cost-efficiency and environmentally sound dredging performance.

The response to these challenges requires progressive improvement and, the development of specialized dredging techniques.

CEDA has programmed this conference to present a state of the art review of specialized dredging techniques and innovative approaches to individual dredging operations, not only from the core business but also from the so-called niche applications. The aim is to discuss and share ideas and to initiate the exchange of experience and technology.

The technical program includes the Academic Hour, a special session for university and college students and young faculty to present their research on any subject matter related to dredging.

08:30 hrs Registration desk opens
09:30 hrs Opening address
09.35 – 10.55 hrs
Chair: D. Giersch, Giersch Consultant, Germany
"Innovative Self Propelled Jumbo Cutter Suction Dredge"
F. A. M. Lijmbach, IHC Holland Dredgers, The Netherlands; R. de Backer, Jan De Nul, Belgium, C. H. M. Kramers, IHC Holland Dredgers and L. J. de Jonge, MTI Holland, The Netherlands

"Third Generation Rock Cutting System for Cutter Dredges" with 3000-6000 kW Cutter Power
K. Wijma, VOSTA LMG, The Netherlands

"The slope-trimmer Rhea"
S. Vandycke, Dredging International, Belgium and G. de Vries, Vuyk Engineering Rotterdam, The Netherlands

"Design Aspects of Dredging Vessels with CP Installations"
T. van Beek, Wärtsilä Propulsion Netherlands, The Netherlands

10:55 hrs Coffee break
11:20 – 12:40 hrs
Chair: M. Costaras, Port of London Authority, United Kingdom

"Vertical Migration of Macrofauna Following the Intertidal Placement of Dredged Material: an in situ experiment"
S.G. Bolam, CEFAS, United Kingdom

"Environmental Monitoring of the Dredging Activities in the Port of Rio Grande, RS, Brasil"
R.J. Torres, Independent Environmental Consultant, Brasil

"Reduction Siltation by Nautical Dredging: Investigation Results from Botlek Harbour, Rotterdam"
P.C. de Wit, Port of Rotterdam, The Netherlands and N. Greiser, Dr Greiser und Partner, Germany

"Dynamic Representation of Trailer Dredger Source Terms in Plume Dispersion Modelling"
J. Spearman, HR Wallingford, United Kingdom; J. Land, Dredging Research, United Kingdom; D. Scott, Bairds, Canada and N.T. Burt, HR Wallingford, United Kingdom

12:40 hrs Lunch break
14:00 – 15:20 hrs
Chair: J. A. Eygenraam, Royal Boskalis Westminster, The Netherlands

"Satellite Based E-Services to Serve the Dredging Industry"
G.H.F.M. Hesselmans, G.J. Wensink, C.J. Calkoen and C.F. de Valk, ARGOSS, The Netherlands

"Continuous Progress Monitoring for a Large Land Reclamation Project Using Remote Electronic Measurement and Documentation"
U. Hahlbrock and I. Freese, Hahlbrock Marine Technology, Germany

"Survey and Dredging: Benefits of an all-in-one Package"
E. Stuifberger, Thales Geosolutions, The Netherlands

"Experience with a Training Simulator for Trailing Suction Hopper Dredges with a Dynamic and Realistic Dredging Process"
H. van Muijen, TID; C. de Keizer, IHC Systems, The Netherlands; D. Westelinck and K. De Winne, Jan De Nul, Belgium

15:20 hrs Coffee break
15:50 – 16:50 hrs
Chair: T.N. Burt, HR Wallingford, United Kingdom

"Keeping Shellfish Safe: Navigation Dredging in Shellfish Waters"
N. Clay, Port of London Authority, United Kingdom

"Morphology Aspects will be Relevant for EU-WFD Quality Criteria - Dredging is Needed for Eco-aims"
H. Glindemann, Strom- und Hafenbau, Hamburg, Germany

"As Clear as Mud: The EU Water Framework Directive and its likely Implications for Dredging"
J. Brooke, Environmental Consultant, United Kingdom

17:00 hrs CEDA Annual General Meeting

17:30 hrs CEDA 25th Anniversary Reunion Reception, Amsterdam RAI, Park Restaurant

09:00 – 10:00 hrs
Chair: B. Malherbe, Haecon, Belgium

"Coherency of Jets Produced by Draghead Nozzles"
M. Vredevoort, V. Matousek, Delft University of Technology and T.van Doorn, Royal Boskalis Westminster, The Netherlands

"Hydraulic Transport of Jumoonjin Sand-Experiments in Huyndai Dredging Test Loop"
M.S. Lee, Hyndai Institute of Construction Technology, Korea; V. Matousek, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands; C.K. Chung, Seoul National University, Korea; Y.N. Lee, Hyndai Institute of Construction Technology, Korea

"Development of a BI-Stage Draghead"
G.A.P.L. Teheux, VOSTA LMG, W.J. Vlasblom, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

"The Exploration of Cockle Shells"
M. Zwanenburg, IHC Holland, J. D. Holstein, Dutch Producers Organization Cockle Fischermen, S.A. Miedema and W.J. Vlasblom, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

10:00 hrs Coffee break
10:30 – 11:50 hrs
Chair: A. Benali, Drapor, Morocco

"General Technology of Deep Dredging Installations"
E. Put, IHC Holland, The Netherlands

"Downtime Analysis Techniques for Complex Offshore and Dredging Operations" Boer; R.J. van de Wal, Maritime Research Institute Netherlands and G.J. Grundlehner, Royal Boskalis Westminster, The Netherlands

"VOSTA LMG Double Walled Dredge Pumps"
T.J. Boerma, VOSTA LMG, The Netherlands

"Dredging Alternatives - The Current Deflection Wall Minimizing Dredging Activities in Harbors"
O. Stoschek; A. Matheja; J. Geils and C. Zimmerman, University of Hannover, Germany

11:50 hrs IADC Award
12:00 hrs Closing

Please note: The organizers reserve the right to adjust or change the programme as necessary. A final programme will be provided to each registrant upon arrival.

If you wish to participate in the conference please complete the registration form and send it to the Organizing Secretary, CEDA Dredging Days 2003. The registration fee is Euro 280 for members of CEDA, EADA and WEDA and Euro 380 for non-members (incl. VAT). Students pay Euro 35. Speakers will have a 50 percent discount. The registration fee includes: conference sessions on 20 & 21 November, free entrance to the Europort exhibition, one volume of conference proceedings, the official Europort 2003 exhibition catalogue, morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea on 20 November. Delegates will receive an invitation for the CEDA 25th Anniversary Reunion Reception which will be held on 20 November 2003.

After receipt of the payment, delegates will be sent a confirmation, which should be presented at the registration desk, where delegates will be given their documents, tickets and badge.

Payment can be settled by credit card, please fill in the details on the registration form. If you do not have the possibility to pay by credit card, please contact the CEDA Dredging Days registration service at tel. +31 (0)346 584 045.

Persons who register after 10 October 2003, should pay the registration fee at the registration desk. Cancelling a participation, accepted in writing only, is free of charge until 1 October. After this date, the full registration amount will be applicable.

To register contact:
The Organizing Secretary
CEDA Dredging Days 2003
c/o Summit
P.O. Box 1333
3600 BH Maarssen
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0)346 584 045
Fax +31 (0)346 556 537
If you wish to register online, please visit and look under conference program.

Hotel reservations
Amsterdam RAI will gladly assist you with the reservation of hotel accommodation. For more information please contact:
RAI Hotel Service
P.O. Box 77777
1070 MS Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0)20-549 1927
Fax +31 (0)20-549 1925
N.B. reservations should be made in good time, as there will be many visitors in Amsterdam during the Europort exhibition.

The sessions will be conducted in English.
Venue: Room B of the Amsterdam RAI International Congress Centre, Europaplein, Amsterdam.

The conference is being organised by Amsterdam RAI under the auspices of the CEDA - Central Dredging Association.

Copies of the proceedings will be available at the registration desk. Delegates will receive one set of papers and additional sets may be ordered at extra cost (Euro 45 excl. postage and packing).

Visa requirements
Participants should check with local travel agent whether they need a visa for travelling to the Netherlands. If a visa is required, participants are advised to apply to the nearest Embassy or Consulate of The Netherlands at least 2 months before the intended date of travel.

Letter of Invitation
On request, the CEDA Secretariat will be pleased to send personal invitation to prospective participants of the conference. Such invitations can only be issued for the purpose of assisting participants to raise travel funds or obtain visas. No financial commitment on the part of the organisers is implied. Please indicate on the conference registration form if you wish to receive an invitation letter.

Liability and Insurance
Neither the RAI nor CEDA will accept responsibility for any personal injury, damage or loss of property, which may occur in connection with the conference.

Europort 2003 Exhibition
The CEDA Dredging Days are being held in association with the Europort 2003 Exhibition for the international maritime industry which will be held at the Amsterdam RAI International Exhibition Centre from 18 - 22 November 2003. Europort 2003 will be open to visitors at the following times:
Tuesday 18 November 11.00 - 18.00 hrs.
Wednesday 19 November 11.00 - 21.00 hrs.
Thursday 20 November 11.00 - 18.00 hrs.
Friday 21 November 11.00 - 18.00 hrs.
Saturday 22 November 10.00 - 16.00 hrs.

More details about the Europort 2003 exhibition may be obtained from:
Europort 2003 Project Team
Amsterdam RAI
P.O. Box 77777
1070 MS Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0)20-549 1212
Fax +31 (0)20-549 1889

All enquiries to:
CEDA Secretariat
Radex Building
Rotterdamseweg 183c
2629 HD Delft
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)15 268 2575
Fax: +31(0)15 268 2576

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