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NovAtel Announces OmniSTAR HP Receiver

On July 30, 2002, NovAtel Inc. announced its new ProPak-LB global positioning engine, the first engine to have access to OmniSTAR’s new High Performance satellite service. (See IDR, June, 2002, page 8, “OmniSTAR HP Getting 6-Inch Accuracy”)

The ProPak-LB, coupled with the GPS-600-LB antenna, delivers decimeter-level accuracy autonomously with the OmniSTAR HP service.

“This new technology gives the real time kinematic (RTK) user a fully portable system. This is ideal for applications like geographic information systems (GIS) data collection, precision agriculture and unmanned systems,” said Pat Fenton, chief technology officer (CTO) for NovAtel. “Furthermore, it demonstrates to our customers that we are fast adopters and integrators of cutting-edge technologies that deliver more precise positioning solutions,” he said.

The ProPak-LB is powered by NovAtel’s OEM4 GPSCard. This is a small, high performance, dual frequency receiver featuring patented Pulse Aperture Correlator (PAC) technology. This state-of-the art positioning technology virtually eliminates the effects of multipath errors. These are GPS positioning errors caused by the interaction of the GPS satellite signal and its reflections.

The complementary GPS-600-LB antenna features NovAtel’s patent pending Pinwheel technology and is designed to operate at the GPS L1 and L2 and OmniSTAR L-Band frequencies. It is a high precision antenna with excellent reception of low-elevation angle satellites, both GPS and OmniSTAR. The antenna is optimized to minimize multipath effects.

OmniSTAR has installed dual frequency receivers and a proprietary process at its base stations in the Americas, Europe and Australia. The new service operates 24 hours per day and reduces the problem of insufficient common satellites occasionally experienced by RTK users.

“The bottom line is the new HP differential correction service provides users with higher navigation accuracy than was previously available,” said Max Huff, vice president of marketing.

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