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July-August 2002

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CARIS Conference Planned for Norfolk

Monday is deadline for CARIS Registration The deadline for CARIS 2002 registration is Monday, August 19, 2002. The program for CARIS's 7th International Users' Conference focuses on the use of geomatics technologies for arobust range of marine and hydrographic applications. The conference will be held in Norfolk, Virginia, September 3rd through 6th, at the Norfolk Waterside Marriott. Topics include Inland Electronic Nautical Chart (ENC) production, Additional Military Layer (AML) production, Article 76, hydrographic database production environments and online chart distribution. Visit the company's website,, or email inquiries to

Atchafalaya Deepening Subject of Meeting

Atchafalaya Deepening Subject of Meeting

The New Orleans District, Corps of Engineers will hold a public meeting on August 8 on deepening the channels of the lower Atchafalaya River and nearby bayous. The authorized depth is 20 feet in the Atchafalaya below the railroad bridge in Morgan City, Atchafalaya Bay, the Gulf of Mexico and Bayous Chene, Boeuf and Black about 48 miles of channel. The deepening would encourage the fabrication of large offshore platforms in the Morgan City area rather than overseas.

Dottie Murden Dies

Dorothy Gibson Murden, PhD, 76, died Monday, July 1 at Washington Hospital Center, Washington D.C. after a car accident the previous Friday. She had attended a farewell luncheon at the Washington Sailing Marina for Thomas M. Ballentine, who was retiring as secretary of the U.S. Section of the International Navigation Association (PIANC), and her car was struck by another vehicle as she entered the northbound lane of the George Washington Memorial Parkway. She was trapped in her vehicle for a time before rescue workers were able to get her out. Not badly injured, Dr. Murden was hospitalized for several days, and was in good spirits late Monday night when a friend left her. She died of a heart attack several hours later.

NovAtel Announces OmniSTAR HP Receiver

Vald Heiberg Remembers Dottie

E.R.(Vald)Heiberg III, Lt.Gen.,USA(Ret.)pays tribute to his good friend Dottie Murden, recalling the years he and his wife Kitty travelled with Bill and Dottie Murden on behalf of PIANC (now the International Navigation Association.)

NovAtel Announces OmniSTAR HP Receiver

On July 30, 2002 NovAtel Inc. announced its new ProPak-LB global positioning engine, the first engine to have access to OmniSTARs new High Performance satellite service. (See IDR, June, 2002, page 8, OmniSTAR HP Getting 6-Inch Accuracy) The ProPak-LB, coupled with the GPS-600-LB antenna, delivers decimeter-level accuracy autonomously with the OmniSTAR HP service. This new technology gives the real time kinematic (RTK) user a fully portable system. This is ideal for applications like geographic information systems (GIS) data collection, precision agriculture and unmanned systems, said Pat Fenton, chief technology officer (CTO) for NovAtel.

Pacific Chapter Heads to Oakland

The WEDA Pacific Chapter will meet Wednesday through Friday, November 6 through 8, 2002 at the Oakland Marriott City Center, Oakland, California.

Del Norte Changed Focus

Del Norte Technology is marketing their Flying Flagman positioning system to map the land-water transition zone in places where it is difficult to use a survey boat. It is a combination coastal and cadastral system that can be used on board a vessel or a plane or helicopter, said Adrian Abe Ascenzi, operations manager of Del Norte. The system uses Del Nortes Flite Trac aerial processing software along with Hypack from Coastal Oceanographics.

King Fisher Replaces Gyros with Trimble

King Fisher Marine Services, Inc. (KFMS) has purchased five Trimble MS 860 II DGPS heading bundles, coupled with five Trimble Marine GPS 132 USCG/OmniStar DGPS correction receivers from Western Data Systems, Inc.

Flowmeter Measures Volume

Advanced Flow Technology is marketing a flowmeter that marries electro-magnetic technology with a low-level nuclear source that can measure volumetric flow, density, percent solids and specific gravity. Robert Batey, PhD, a scientist with 35 years experience in flow measurement, developed and patented the electro-magnetic device six years ago. This stand-alone unit produces a magnetic field in the pipe, which is seen as a current when the slurry passes through it. The data is transferred to a microprocessor, which outputs it as gallons per minute.

EU Votes to Fund Galileo

The European Union is developing a satellite navigation system called Galileo that is expected to be more advanced, more powerful and more reliable that the U.S based global positioning system (GPS). After several years of discussion and study, the European Council agreed unanimously on March 26 to fund the $3 billion project.

Salmeri Describes Best Value Concept

Best value procurement is a concept that takes into consideration a range of factors other than just price when awarding a contract, Philip Salmeri told attendees at WEDA XXII. A CPCM (Certified Public Contract Manager) and fellow of the National Contract Management Association, Salmeri is a long-time practitioner and advocate of this method, which he likens to making personal purchases. You dont necessarily buy the cheapest car, he said. Many other factors such as safety, gas mileage, and longevity take precedence, and cost might be a lower priority.

Boskalis Standardizing on Aquarius

Royal Boskalis Westminster NV has purchased an Aquarius2 GPS receiver and five Aquarius receivers from Thales Navigation, Carquefou, France for use in their dredge positioning and hydrographic survey operations.

L3 Marketing Sounders in N. America

L3 Communications has begun marketing shallow water echo sounders to the North American dredging market. Will Billings displayed the company's single beam sounders at the Dredging '02 conference in Orlando in May, and David Lane exhibited at the June WEDA XXII meeting in Broomfield, Colorado in June.

Gulf Coast Chapter Set for October

Charles Settoon announced that the Gulf Coast Chapter of the Western Dredging Association (WEDA) will meet on October 16 adn 17 at the Jefferson Orleans South, Metairie, Louisiana, near the New Orleans Airport.

Midwest Chapter Meeting in St. Paul

Technical presentations are being solicited for the WEDA Midwest Chapter meeting, which will be held in St. Paul, Minnesota at the Radisson Riverfront Hotel, Tuesday and Wednesday, October 1 and 2. Persons wishing to make a presentation should contact Jimmy Aidala at the Rock Island District, Corps of Engineers, phone 309-794-5455.

OmniSTAR HP Achieving 6 Inches

OmniSTAR HP Achieving 6 Inches

OmniSTAR, Inc. is in the final testing stages of a new wide area differential GPS service that has been achieving consistent six-inch horizontal accuracy in its test receivers. Named OmniSTAR HP (high performance), the system will be available to users by subscription. The HP GPS correction signals will be broadcast by several geostationary satellites to users throughout the world. This level of wide-area real-time accuracy is a goal toward which the industry has been striving for quite some time. said John Pointon, director of sales and marketing for OmniSTAR.

Cargill Sells Salt Ponds

Cargill announced on May 29 that a "framework agreement" has been reached to sell 16,500 acres of Cargill Salt's San Francisco Bay area property to the State of California and the federal government for habitat restoration. "This historic agreement will set in motion the largest wetlands restoration undertaken in California history," said U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.). The framework agreement, which was announced today by Sen. Feinstein, California Governor Gray Davis and Cargill Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Warren Staley, sets the stage for restoration of a significant amount of the bay front to tidal marsh habitat, which has been decreasing since the California Gold Rush in the mid-1800s. The acquired lands will be permanently preserved as open space and wildlife habitat.

Cho Joins SPC in Marketing

Jacquelyn Cho has joined Sorbent Products Company (SPC) as director of marketing. SPC manufactures products for absorbing oil spills, such as floating booms for marine spills and absorbent mats for industrial applications.

C-Nav System Provides Corrections

Globally Corrected GPS (GcGPS) is a technique for improving the accuracy and stability of the Global Positioning System (GPS). This technique was developed for NASA because they had a requirement for decimeter accuracy in outer space. As a result, a totally new concept for differential needed to be developed so they could operate at great distances from any reference sites. The result of this research has proven to be of value to the marine market, which does not always have a reference site nearby. It is of particular value to the international operators that prefer to use one system worldwide. This reduces hardware and training costs plus it improves flexibility and safety. The compact hardware design works well for the dredging industry because they operate both large barges and small survey boats on the same project. The cost of spare hardware is reduced because the same system can be used for various positioning needs on a project. This allows an operator to move from vessel to vessel or to another country and still be comfortable with the positioning system. Since base-stations are not required, manpower is reduced as well. This system is called C-Nav and it has proven to be a great asset in many areas of the marine market.

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