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Contracts - January/February 2016

Pinole Shoal Channel Maintenance Dredging Project, Contra Costa County, California. To Curtin Maritime Corporation for $1,149,150, line item 1, 2AA and 2AB, on August 4, 2015 by the San Francisco Engineer District. W912P7-15-C-0012/ W912P7-15-B-0001

Suisun Bay Channel, New York Slough Maintenance Dredging Project, Contra Costa County, California. To Curtin Maritime Corporation for $1,769,330, line item 1, 2AA, 2AB, 3AA and 3AB, on August 11, 2015 by the San Francisco Engineer District. W912P7-15-C-0014/ W912P7-15-B-0002

Oakland Inner and Outer Harbor Channel Maintenance Dredging Project, Alameda County, California. To The Dutra Group for $14,329,929, line items 1, 2AA, 2AB, 3AA and 3AB, on August 31, 2015 by the San Francisco District. W912P7-15-C-0015/W912P7-15-B-0003

Richmond Inner and Outer Harbor Channel Maintenance Dredging Project, Contra Costa County, California. To Manson Construction Co for $6,895,000, line item 1, 2AA, 2AB, 3AA and 3AB, on September 14, 2015 by the San Francisco Engineer District. W912P7-15-C-0016/ W912P7-15-B-0004

Redwood City Harbor Channel Maintenance Dredging Project, San Mateo County, California. To R. E. Staite Engineering Inc. for $10,325,450, line items 1, 2AA and 2AB, on September 24, 2015 by the San Francisco Engineer District. W912P7-15-C-0017/W912P7-15-B-0005

Oakland Middle Harbor Enhancement Area (MHEA), Alameda County, California. To Ahtna Design-Build, Inc. for $6,690,144.34, line items 1 through 7, on September 30, 2015 by the San Francisco Engineer District. W912P7-15-C-0020/ W912P7-15-R-0005

FY15 Duwamish Waterway Maintenance Dredging of the Upper Duwamish, Waterway, Seattle, King County, Washington. To J.E. McAmis, Inc. for $1,097,250, line item 1, 2, 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B and 5A, on September 29, 2015 by the Seattle Engineer District. W912DW-15-B-0012/ W912DW-15-C-0017

Bird Island Restoration Project, Marion, Massachusetts. To Cashman Dredging and Marine Contracting Co., LLC for $3,120,000, line items 1 through 4, on September 29, 2015 by the New England Engineer District. W912WJ-15-B-0016/ W912WJ-15-C-0041

of the Columbia River, Jetty A. To Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. for $19,087,000, line item 1 through 7, on September 30, 2015 by the Portland Engineer District. W9127N-15-R-0003/W9127N-15-C-0025

Maintenance Dredging of Sandy Hook Channel. To Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company, LLC for $2,583,593.75, CLINs 1 through 3, on September 30, 2015 by the New York Engineer District. W912DS-15-B-0011/W912DS-15-C-0019

Sole Source Contract for Rental of Construction Equipment and Operators for Disposal Area Maintenance Associated Activities for the Mobile District in Alabama. To Integris Projects, LLC for $4,000,000 on October 16, 2015 by the Mobile Engineer District. W91278-15-R-0051/ W91278-16-D-0008

St. Paul Harbor Breakwater Repairs and Maintenance Dredging, Saint Paul Island, Alaska. To Kiewit Infrastructure West Co. for $10,779,000, line item 1 through 11, on October 21, 2015 by the Alaska Engineer District. W911KB-15-R-0024/ W911KB-16-C-0001

IDIQ MACC for New Construction, Repair and Renovation of Various Waterfront Facilities at Various Locations within the NAVFAC Southwest AOR, Including but not Limited to California. To R.E. Straite Engineering Inc. for $5,000, line item 1, on October 21, 2015 by NAVFAC Southwest. N62473-14-R-0014/N62473-16-D-1806

Pipeline Dredging, Shallow, GIWW, Texas Corpus Christi Ship Channel to Port Isabel. To Orion Marine Construction, Inc. for $5,863,500, line items 1 through 3 and 5, on October 22, 2015 by the Galveston Engineer District. W9126G-15-B-0031/ W9126G-16-C-0002

Pipeline Dredging, Shallow, GIWW, Texas Corpus Christi Ship Channel to Port Isabel. To Orion Marine Construction Inc. for $5,863,500, line item 1 through 3 and 5, on October 22, 2015 by the Galveston Engineer District. W9126G-16-C-0002/ W9126G-15-B-0031

Urgent Repair of Starboad Engine on the Survey Vessel Shuman. To Johnson & Towers Inc. for $42,483 on October 23, 2015 by the Philadelphia Engineer District. W912BU-16-P-0006

Ship Repair, Overhaul and Maintenance of the Dredge Essayons. To Mare Island Dry Dock, LLC for $3,699,091, line item 1, on October 23, 2015 by the Portland Engineer District. W9127N-15-R-0065/ W9127N-15-G-0001-0001

Diesel Fuel - Dredge Goetz. To MFA Oil Company for $85,275.75 on October 26, 2015 by the St. Paul Engineer District. W912ES-16-T-0005/W912ES-16-P-0002

Lease of One Cutterhead, Hydraulic Pipeline Dredge (Not Less Than 22-inch Diameter) Fully Operated with Attendant Plant and Personnel with a Draft not to Exceed Nine Feet, for Construction and Maintenance Dredging Within the Vicksburg District. To Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. for $1,599,580, line item 1, on October 23, 2015 by the Vicksburg Engineer District. W912EE-16-C-0001/W912EE-15-B-0007

GIWW, Texas Galveston Causeway to Bastrop Bayou, Galveston Country Texas. To Mike Hooks, Inc. for $6,508,850 on October 28, 2015 by the Galveston Engineer District. W9126G-16-C-0003/ W9126G-15-B-0019

Calcasieu River and Pass, 2015 Maintenance Dredging, Bar Channel Hopper Dredge Rental Contract No. 1-2015, Cameron Parish, Louisiana (OM-15-125). To Manson Construction Co. for $3,325,500 on October 29, 2015 by the New Orleans Engineer District. W912P8-16-C-0004/ W912P8-15-B-0047

Flex Joint Repair for Dredge McFarland. To Rhodes Industries, Inc. for $13,990 on November 2, 2015 by the Philadelphia District. W912BU-16-P-0004/ W912BU-15-T-0077

Tampa Harbor, Maintenance Dredging, 32-Foot Project, Alafia River Channel and Turning Basin, Hillsborough, Florida. To Matthews Marine, Inc. for $2,484,320, line items 1 through 6, on November 6, 2015 by the Jacksonville Engineer District. W912EP-13-D-0025-0002/GROUP2-10-R-J013

Pond Dredge and Trough Installation on Finger Lakes National Forest. To Northern Sands, LLC for $28,435 on November 13, 2015 by the Department of Agriculture. AG-1681-P-16-0001/ AG-1681-S-16-0001

Six Spud Winches for Dredge Fleet. To Timco Indusries, Inc. for $66,000 on November 13, 2015 by the St. Paul Engineer District. W912ES-16-P-0004/ W912ES-16-T-0001

Diving Services for Trunnion Guides Inspection & Repair for the Dredge McFarland. To Walker Diving Underwater Construction, LLC for $38,945 on November 18, 2015 by the Philadelphia Engineer District. W912BU-16-P-0017/ W912BU-16-T-0009

Maintenance Dredging and Advance Maintenance Dredging of the 32-foot deep canal and the 25-foot deep East Mooring Basin (EMB) - Cape Cod Canal, Bourne and Sandwich, Massachusetts. To Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Co. for $5,899,400, line items 1 through 5, on November 19, 2015 by the New England Engineer District. W912WJ-16-C-0001/W912WJ-15-B-0010

U.S. Naval Station Kings Bay, Maintenance Dredging, Entrance Channel, Cut-1N Through Range E, 46-Foot and 43-Foot Projects, Camden County, Georgia and Nassau County, Florida. To Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co. for $20,651,975, line items 1 through 35, on November 20, 2015 by the Jacksonville Engineer District. W912EP-11-D-0004-0009/GROUP1-10-R-J014

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