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Lindorm’s SediMeter.

Lindorm’s SediMeter.

Lindrom, Inc. has introduced a new version of its SediMeter for real-time monitoring of dredged sediment accumulation, when turbidity it monitored for environmental restritions.

Deployed on the bottom, the SediMeter continuously measures the changes in elevation of the bottom (from erosion or siltation) with an accuracy of around 1/16-inch. It also measures elevated turbidity near the bottom, such as in a sediment spill plume from a dredge. The instrument can be used as a stand-alone data collecting logger, or in real-time monitoring connected by a cable or by a radio link. It comes in two versions, a slim version only 1.5 cm in diameter without cleaner, and a version with a built-in sensor cleaner. The sensor length is 35 cm (about 14 inches).

The system’s inventor, Dr. Ulf Erlingsson, supervised the sediment spill monitoring for the Swedish government, for a dredge project at the bridge-tunnel between Sweden and Denmark.

Lindorm, Inc. is a private company based in Miami, Florida, which in 2007 took over the R&D from Erlingsson Sub-Aquatic Surveys of Sweden, established 1989. Lindorm designs, builds and sells the SediMeter.

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