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HYPACK Introduces 2014 Version

Hypack, Inc. introduced Hypack® 2014 at its training event in Mobile, Alabama, January 13 – 16. The official release will take place in February.

In the newest version, the Hypack Shell has a more web-based feel with easier navigation, including drag and drop options. With an Internet connection, Hypack can generate geo-referenced PNG files from satellite images available on Web servers, including USGS and NASA.

The Magnetometer Editor (MagEdit) supports IGRF and shore-based corrections to remove the noise from magnetic data.

Additional features include enhanced topographic systems support; automatic MTX creation in Hypack Survey; new routines for marine construction; integrated hydrographic database; combined hardware program, merging Hypack, Hysweep and Side Scan hardware; and MBMAX-54 with Cube Integrate.

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