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EdgeTech Assists in Pipeline Survey

A side scan sonar and bathymetry image of an underwater pipeline.

A side scan sonar and bathymetry image of an underwater pipeline.

The Great Lakes Research Center (GLRC) at Michigan Technological University deployed an OceanServer Iver AUV with an EdgeTech 2205 combined Side Scan Sonar and Bathymetry system with the goal of imaging an underwater pipeline.

Side scan sonar and bathymetry images were used to check the location and integrity of the pipeline over a long and varied terrain.

For research, education and outreach, GLRC continues to develop and demonstrate how new technology can benefit those that work in and around underwater infrastructures. While side scan sonar and multibeam bathymetry information is often collected by ships using towed sonar or hull mounted systems, the addition of ultra-high resolution sonar and bathymetry on small AUV platforms opens up an even wider and more complete survey in many cases.

Boskalis Orders IHC Megacutter

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. ordered a self-propelled megacutter dredge from IHC Merwede in November 2013. The cutter suction dredge with a total installed power of 23,700 kW and a pump ashore capacity of 15,600 kW will cost around EUR 170 million (about $233 million) and vessel construction will take more than three years.

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