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EarthCam Offers New Camera

EarthCam’s GigapixelCam.

EarthCam’s GigapixelCam.

This construction camera, the first automated outdoor gigapixel webcam, will document jobsite progress with megapixel images. The custom tiling player can display high resolution images, and the camera also produces presentation-ready images and time-lapse movies. Pictures can be analyzed in extreme detail, up to 17x optical zoom.

The camera includes ultra-precise pan/tilt/ zoom controls with multiple preset compositions and provides auto-generated multi-layer 700 megapixel 360-degree panoramas and a 640 x 426 live streaming video preview.

Creative effects include HDR (High Dynamic Range), Architectural Minature, Artistic Color, Sketch and Cinematic Black & White. The camera includes a fail safe on-board 16 GB solid state backup storage, and it is thermostatically regulated, with a corrosion-resistant black enclosure. The Nikon SLR Digital optics with optical zoom, including multiple lenses, and the system operates with LINUX and an ultraefficient ARM CPU.

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